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ReadOregon Home Institutions
There are five universities that will serve as a home institution for the ReadOregon programs: Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University. The home institution:
  • provides academic advising
  • recommends you for an Oregon reading endorsement to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission upon successful completion of the program, practicum, and passage of the Praxis II Reading Specialist test
  • issues your classroom literacy certificate upon successful completion of the general classroom teacher literacy program
  • sends you updates of program information of interest

Your home institution will not register you for classes. You should register for classes at the university that is offering the courses you want that term. Please note that you will be responsible for any late registration or drop fees according to the regulations of the university offering the course.

After completing a course, you can generally print off an unofficial course transcript from the university teaching the course. You are responsible for collecting your various transcripts and providing them to your advisor for determination of program completion and ongoing advising as you move through the program.

If you do not have a home institution, please fill out the ReadOregon application form. The information from your application form goes to the ReadOregon project office and is shared with the home institution you select so that they can better advise you. You may select Eastern Oregon University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University or Western Oregon University as your home institution, regardless of where you live. Oregon State University is only able to accept OSU alumni or those who are currently in one of OSU's teacher education programs.

If you wish to change your original home institution, you should submit a second application and note in the Comments section why you wish to change. If you are near the end of your program, the academic advisor at the new home institution will have to give you permission. In some cases you will also be required to apply to the graduate school at the new university.

The following chart links to ReadOregon websites at each university, provides an email and phone number for your first contact to your home institution, and also lists a reading/literacy faculty member who is the academic coordinator for the ReadOregon program at your home institution.

(ReadOregon website link)
ReadOregon Questions/Procedures
(Contact this person first)
Academic Coordinator
Eastern Oregon
Kristin Johnson
Dr. Amanda Villagomez,
Oregon State
OSU Extended Campus
541-737-9204 or 800-667-1465
Dr. Ken Winograd,
Portland State
Elizabeth Snyder
503-725-9786 or 800-547-8887 x59786
Dr. Susan Lenski,
Southern Oregon
KC Sam
Dr. Jo-Anne Lau-Smith,
Western Oregon
Susan Griffin
503-838-8704 or 800-451-5767
Dr. Tracy Smiles,

Please note that ReadOregon courses may or may not fulfill a university's master's degree requirements. If you wish to earn a master's degree, be sure to consult an academic advisor at that university before enrolling in ReadOregon courses, so that you will know for certain which courses you may be able to count in your degree program. Also, please be aware that there is a maximum number of credit hours that you will be able to transfer into your master's program from another university.

ReadOregon is a consortium of five Colleges/Schools of Education of the Oregon University System
in cooperation with OUS Departments of Distance and Continuing Education.
The ReadOregon programs were developed with grant funds from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Dept. of Education

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