Read Oregon: An Oregon Collaborative for Improvement of K-12 Literacy

formerly known as CREADE
Collaborative Reading Education And Distance Education

ReadOregon Application

IMPORTANT: Information gathered below is necessary for management of the ReadOregon programs. One-time completion of this form is required in order to enroll in ReadOregon programs and/or receive tuition assistance for courses.

Please submit a second application only if important personal information changes, e.g., new address or phone number, different school, updated license status, changing home institution. (Indicate that this is an updated application in the comments box.)
Your Name

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip


Home Phone

Work Phone

Gender female    male

Age 20-29


Ethnic Identity

Please fill in ethnic group
or tribal affiliation
in space provided.
White, European American
Black, African American
Hispanic American
Asian American
Pacific Islander
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Middle Eastern
North African
Decline to respond

Teaching License Status Oregon Basic or Standard (prior to 1999) license
Oregon Transitional license
Oregon Initial license
Oregon Continuing license
Out-of-state license from
In process; preservice
Other (explain)

License Authorization Levels Early Childhood
Middle School
High School

Endorsement Areas

Job Status Full-time teacher working in Oregon
Substitute teacher working in Oregon
Part-time teacher working in Oregon
Instructional Assistant working in Oregon
Administrator working in Oregon
Have teaching license, but not teaching
Other (explain)

Name of your school

City/town of your school

Years of teaching preK-12

Name of institution and program
if enrolled in master's or teacher prep program

ReadOregon program in which
you are interested
24-credit endorsement
12-credit classroom literacy certificate
courses/modules (for professional development)

University you want as
your "home institution"

For academic advising and issuing
endorsement or certificate.
You may choose any of the following three universities as your "home" regardless of where you live. If you are enrolled in a master's program, choose that university as your home institution.
Eastern Oregon University
Portland State University
Southern Oregon University

  1. Oregon State University is not accepting any new home institution students. Students already in the program with OSU as home instution must complete their program by December 31, 2015.
  2. Western Oregon University is not accepting new students into its ReadOregon program. However, you may be interested in the WOU reading endorsement program, much of which can be completed online.

How did you hear
about ReadOregon?
At school or from principal
ReadOregon flyer website
College/university professor
Other (explain)

Does your district provide funds
for professional development?

Why are you interested
in the ReadOregon programs?

Other Questions
or Comments

Read Oregon has been receiving a large number of spam form submissions. To help ensure that your application is not accidentally considered spam, please answer the following question. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

What does the 'R' in CREADE stand for?

Thank you for filling out the ReadOregon program application.
Please print this form before submitting if you wish to retain a copy.


Your information will be sent to the ReadOregon office and will be forwarded to your chosen "home institution."

ReadOregon is a consortium of five Colleges/Schools of Education of the Oregon University System
in cooperation with OUS Departments of Distance and Continuing Education.
The ReadOregon programs were developed with grant funds from the
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Dept. of Education
Ongoing funding for ReadOregon is being provided by The Teaching Research Institute at Western Oregon University.

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